Aspen | The Magazine in a Box at 50

50 years on and we’re still talking about it (well I am anyways!); entirely impractical, hugely influential and (still) not to be neglected. Can we imagine a publication with this kind of production values happening now? Let’s hope so. We can see Aspen in online form now thanks to our great mates at therefore, thankfully, not so exclusive/elusive as it once was. I discover something new every time.

Aspen no 1

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Reiner Ruthenbeck | Serpentine Sackler

Loving this – underrated/undiscovered/underexposed in relation to his contemporaries Ruthenbeck’s disarming works are illustrative without being literal. Below: ‘Lighting Attempt’ by Reiner Ruthenbeck.Lighting Attempt by Reiner Ruthenbeck at the Serpentine Gallery. Lighting Attempt by Reiner Ruthenbeck. Photograph: © READS 2014 Reiner Ruthenbeck; Julio Le Parc review – elegant, charming, fetchingly simple | Art and design | The Guardian.

Jannis Kounellis | Waddington Custot

Never forget in watching Kounellis install his work at Artsite, Bath in 1987 whilst Sean Kelly was at the helm. Kounellis, a long time hero and as a callow youth I remember meeting him for the first time and being too nervous to utter a word. A revelation though to watch him weigh up the space and consider the light, scale and nature of the materials he was going to install, I felt privileged indeed to have my work shown there at the same time…Sean went on to bigger things of course…

Jannis Kounellis

Untitled, 1990
steel plate, petroleum lamp, iron rods, hooks
78 3/4 x 71 in / 200 x 180 cm

Jannis Kounellis | Waddington Custot.

Work of the week | #2 ‘A Case of Mistaken Identity’

“A Case of Mistaken Identity’: does what it says on the case, beyond the (intended) pun, this work was a meditation on a reported incident at Heathrow Airport back in the 1980’s – but by no means an incident unique to the UK. Myself and a couple of other guys from the RCA took this on the London Underground and sat consecutively with our luggage before us; you can imagine – would be entirely more sinister today of course; hard to believe that the 1980’s were a time of relative innocence – but they were. Vyanide, suitcase fittings, 70 ins x 34 ins x 18 ins. (c) Neil Powell 1986


Juan Munoz @ Marian Goodman

DECEMBER 9, 2014 – JANUARY 31, 2015

One not to miss – coming your way. Less harrowing than the Chapman Brothers’ equivalent installations, but sobering nonetheless in terms of current affairs and the ‘disappeared’/HK. So a gathering of how many constitutes a ‘riot’?