Ian Burn | ‘No object implies the existence of any other’

This extraordinary artwork by the brilliant and hugely under-rated Aussie conceptualist Ian Burn (1939-93). This piece in the collection of the Art Gallery of NSW. I raised this work yesterday with Charles Verey and Nicola Simpson at the ICA seminar on Dom Sylvester Houedard’s ‘p&q’ ‘performance’. Two very different takes on interpretations on looking, introspection and extrospection (sic). I’m with Burn on this one though. Read Adrian Piper’s insightful paper too: http://www.darkmatterarchives.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/IANBURNartmarket.pdf

1317.1990##S.jpg (609×600)

1967 synthetic polymer paint on wood, mirror, lettering, 64.5 x 64.5 x 3.0 cm frame

Köln | Roni Horn@ Kolumba

Can thoroughly recommend a visit to this show and the venue is extraordinary, some very good works in ‘Playing by Heart’ by some extremely accomplished artists – Roni Horn and Kounellis some of my personal highlights.

Roni Horn, ‘When the How and The What are the Same’ (1991) 50cm sphere, kupfer, massiv, zweiteilig

Roni Horn