Claude Cahun | Photographs

Delighted to be the first UK venue scheduled to show works by the one-time surrealist-cum-photographer as part of Hayward Touring and the Women of the World Festival 2015; the works are fugitive, challenging and streets ahead of their time. The original negatives for the works are long lost -which makes it even more of an extraordinary opportunity to see these in the flesh.

David Hockney | Annely Juda, London

Really interesting show with flashes of familiar brilliance, some tremendous painting and some photography that takes Hockney almost into the realms of conceptualism/surrealism and installation. The portraits are a sneak preview of a larger show next year; one of the sitters described the experience of witnessing Hockney’s intensity and virtuosity as being like watching the performance of a great actor; definitely to see before the next Hockney show at AJ arrives in July. Some fascinating art historical references too!

Annely Juda Fine Art | Exhibitions | David Hockney: Painting and Photography (2015).

Höller from the Rooftops | Interview with Ralph Rugoff

In June 2015, the Hayward Gallery hosted ‘Decision’, the UK’s first major survey of the scientist-turned-artist Carsten Höller. Since the 1990s, Stockholm-based Höller has created extraordinary immersive environments that set out to challenge audiences and question the experience of art using physical intervention. In a rare interview, I ask the formidable Ralph Rugoff, the curatorial mastermind behind ‘Decision’, and Director of the Hayward Gallery, London: Why?

As we ponder the po-faced narratives around the latest Turner Prize and of the cryptic assemblages of the winner, how about something festively cheery, more seasonal? The works of HPF are pointed, honed and have something of the Rake’s Progress about them…read more

Ralph Rugoff, Director of Hayward Gallery, London. Photo Marc Aitkin

Höller from the Rooftops – Wall Street International.