Hans-Peter Feldmann: ‘Art Exhibition’


David by Hans-Peter Feldmann

It has been a privilege to work with Simon Lee Gallery to present Hans-Peter Feldmann at EAST Gallery, NUA. Hans-Peter is an enigmatic figure and ‘Art Exhibition’ reveals a typically deadpan title which implies amateurism but equally indicts professionalism and mystification in the arts. German-born Feldmann has exhibited in major art venues worldwide and is one of the key figures of post-conceptual art. In 2009 Hans-Peter’s work was a highlight of Making Worlds, the 53rd Biennale di Venezia and in 2010 he was awarded the prestigious Hugo Boss Art Prize.

Hans-Peter is best known for his appropriation of objects and for making material interventions that are acerbic and insightful. Feldmann clowns around with copies of old master paintings, augmenting them with feature red noses, and versions of celebrated sculptures are chromatically revised in lurid pastiche. Michaelangelo’s David, which features in the show, being one notable example.

Exhibition open: Saturday 6 May- Saturday 22 July 2017

Open Tuesday to Saturday 12 noon- 5pm. Closed Sunday and Monday



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