Delighted with our recent film on Richard Long, the first drone footage ever taken of his work which puts it into a whole new perspective. Houghton is magnificent and special thanks go to all concerned, but especially to Mr. Long for the unprecedented access and to Lorcan for the great vocal.


Not in fact related (directly) to todays election outcomes…


Image: ©Carl Rowe 2017

Delighted to offer a (rather topical) sneak preview of  the very limited edition BALLOT boxed set, a collaborative research publication between Created and Contested Territories at Norwich University of the Arts and CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork, Ireland. Cork Printmakers, Print to the People and Limerick School of Art & Design also feature as contributors. ASPEN (The Magazine in a Box) fans eat your hearts out. Thanks to our sponsors and supporters. Also delighted to have been invited to write the introduction for this.