BALLOT on tour

Like some forgotten sputnik, there is a chance of a rare sighting of the BALLOT boxed portfolio as it makes a fleeting but significant appearance in the celestially creative haven of Norwich, England.

BALLOT is also about to open in Naples, Italy as part of the SURVIVAL festival at CAM (23 Sept.)). Images ourtesy of Carl Rowe, Nunn’s Yard and Created and Contested Territories (CACTus).

Proof of Life – Boltanski at MAMBo

Despite the apparent titular reference to the time-critical proof provided by kidnappers to show that their hostage is still alive, my context for this is slightly different. I hope that my appreciation of Boltanski’s Italian retrospective for Wall Street International (Sept 17) proves that the reports of the author’s demise have been greatly exaggerated…

Christian Boltanski at Museo d’Arte Moderna Bologna, Italy

Source: Proof of Life – Wall Street International