‘Hymn’ Damien Hirst in Norwich

Delighted that we were able to successfully install Damien’s monumental anatomical model in St George’s Street yesterday. See his work at Houghton Hall simultaneously. Supported by NUA, the City Council and Houghton. Thanks to Damien particularly for the generous loan of this work from his own collection.

image: Neil Powell 2018.


4 thoughts on “‘Hymn’ Damien Hirst in Norwich

  1. Dear Neil,

    We met at the new members drinks party at The Chelsea Arts Club a while ago and I have been enjoying your blog!

    Aside from commercial photography I am also working on a series of colour photographs of the lake at UEA – please see dropbox link attached to a small selection.


    Hopefully they have the potential to work well as prints and I was thinking about showing them, but really have no experience in how to take this kind of project forward most effectively.

    I also have an idea to extend the project to the Norfolk Broads, referencing the great work of Emerson, particularly Marsh Leaves.

    Inspirations include Miles Davis (‘don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there”) and Uta Barth (“content does not equal meaning”).

    I would hugely welcome your advice, particularly finding an experienced partner, mentor or gallery or perhaps try to build a following on Instagram.

    With best wishes,


    web: http://www.marktillie.com mobile: 07941 491163 mail: mark@marktillie.com


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